2024 Browser for Windows XP and Vista – MyPal 68

When using an older computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista, such as the Sony VAIO UX computers we discuss on this website, you may have noticed that it is getting more and more difficult to browse the web. The reason this happens, is that most websites are advancing to more secure web technologies such

VGN-UX90S Recovery Disk is now available!

Great news for users of the VGN-UX90S! You can now download the original recovery disk from the Internet Archive! This disk allows you to restore your UMPC to the original Sony software, as if it were brand new, and includes all drivers and utilities for this type of computer. Many thanks to user SonyGallery for

New hosting platform

2024 – This website has moved to a new hosting platform. It should be slightly faster now, but this has caused some downtime during the last few weeks. My apologies if you saw errors or were unable to use the site. If something is still not working properly, feel free to leave a comment here

Vista drivers pack download link fixed

Unfortunately, when migrating the downloads to another file host, I had forgotten to update the download link to the Vista pack and the old link became broken. This has now been fixed. The Vista pack should now be available for download once again.