Vista drivers pack download link fixed

Unfortunately, when migrating the downloads to another file host, I had forgotten to update the download link to the Vista pack and the old link became broken. This has now been fixed. The Vista pack should now be available for download once again.

Windows 7 VAIO UX / VGN-UX Drivers download

I’ve added a very complete Windows 7 Drivers and Applications pack to the Drivers page. Thanks to Sull86, and the Internet Archive for making this possible! Installation is at your own risk, but if you follow the instructions at the link below, you should be good to go. Fix “Not intended for use with

Windows Vista VAIO-UX / VGN-UX drivers download

I’ve added a self-made pack of Vista drivers to the Drivers page. This pack is made mostly the same as the XP and W7 packs which were once made by Sull86 of However, it’s not tested so use it at your own risk.

Windows XP VAIO UX / VGN-UX Drivers pack v2.3 download

I’ve found the original page on which the XP driver packs were once hosted using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. This is the most recent driver pack released. It supports all UX models and contains the most but fixes. I’ve mirrored this driver pack on the Drivers page. You may download it below, or view


Hi, welcome to my website about the VAIO UX series Micro PCs. On this site, you’ll find tips, drivers and recovery media for some of the VAIO VGN-UX devices, which were sold between 2006-2009 by Sony. ~Arjan