VGN-UX-92NS recovery partition is now available

Good news for users of the Japanese VAIO UX VGN-UX-92NS! Thanks to YouTube user @jasonnovak2121, you can now restore this computer to its original software using Norton Ghost.

@jasonnovak2121 has backed up and shared his recovery partition to the Internet Archive. He discussed installing an SSD into his system, mentioning VAIO UX plaza to download the drivers if using a different operating system. After installing a new SSD, he obviously needed to reinstall the operating system, so that was were the backup was taken for.

With his permission, I’ve mirrored the image and offered it on this website, so you can download it at a respectable speed (the Internet Archive is unfortunately pretty slow to download from.).

In case you haven’t checked out his video, you can watch it below:

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